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The Rise of Sparkle Peach

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In 2017, I volunteered at the local food bank filling food packs for children living in or near poverty.  While packing, I began to think about the early days of my childhood.  Both parents worked, but life was still a daily struggle.

Like food & utilities, feminine hygiene products are a major necessity.  Although local organizations may offer feminine hygiene products, supplies are limited.  Communities need  dedicated organizations to relieve the stress and burden individuals face on a monthly basis.

Sparkle Peach, Inc. was founded in 2019, by Ann Irvin, to provide individuals in need with feminine hygiene products.



Sparkle Peach, Inc. distributes feminine hygiene products to individuals in need.  We also partner with local organizations to provide educational resources to address feminine health and hygiene.



Empower individuals to live a safe and healthier life.


Forming Partnerships

Sparkle Peach, Inc. realizes the importance of building a strong partnership.  Today, we had the opportunity to speak at the St. Joseph School District Nurse's meeting. Everyone was so positive & attentive.  We learned a lot of valuable information.

Thank you for the invite!  We look forward to future endeavors.

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Join Us (Video)

Want to join our efforts?  Make a small donation & take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support.  It's a great contribution to the cause.  Every little bit counts towards paving the way for a better tomorrow.   Together, we can improve lives.


Menstrual Health & Hygiene

Lack of proper education could be detrimental to an individual's self esteem. Sparkle Peach will host future workshops to help individual's learn what to expect during their menstrual cycle & the importance of feminine hygiene.

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Zoom Session

MidCity Excellence - MCE Community Learning Center, Inc.


Sparkle Peach Raffle

Recently, Sparkle Peach, Inc. did a drawing for a Self Care basket. The basket included a Sparkle Peach pack, $25 gift card from Tanners Styling Salon, $40 gift card from Image Nail Salon, multiple items from Ulta Beauty & Identity Salon. The total cost of this basket was $300.  Happy to report that we surpassed that goal.  Thanks to all who supported Sparkle Peach, Inc!

Andrea Meyers was the lucky winner!

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Walmart Grant Recipient

I am excited to announce that Sparkle Peach, Inc. received a grant from Walmart Giving!  The grant will go towards the purchase of feminine hygiene products to support individuals in our community.   Also, to create educational resources to empower young girls/women to live a healthier lifestyle.  Sparkle Peach would like to thank Walmart management and staff for all their hard work and community service. #BetterTogether #WalmartGiving

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Sparkle Peach, Inc. was chosen as Nonprofit Hero of the Month for September 2020


Team Sparkle Peach

Delivering Sparkle Peach Packs to local organizations.

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Live @ 5

Get to know Sparkle Peach, Inc.


Heart to Heart with Dr. Schwabe


Sparkle Peach Inc. got a new look on Facebook.

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Making a Difference

Sparkle Peach Inc would like to thank LaVell Rucker, Joni Martinosky, Christel Lankford, and Tammy Killin for providing their expertise during our recent self-care event.